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What they say about CARBEC

The CARBEC barrel has been reviewed across the world, including by our co-founder and other professional clarinetists


From the USA: Sound test & review by Clarinet U

(in English)

Clarinet U reviewed our barrels in detail with extremely positive feedback.

"The sound of this barrel is very rich and rounded in all registers. I especially like how well I could get control over my pitch and airflow using this barrel. The timber sounds very natural and very desirable for a clarinetist who wants a great resonance on the clarinet. Playing-wise, the barrel offers a good amount of resistance, and It gives the play a great amount of control over the sound."


"The altissimo range is very accurate and stable in pitch. Also, I'm able to deliver a clean staccato sound on all registers of the clarinet, each with crispness and great sound."


You can read the full review on ClarinetU, and listen to excellent playing by Clarinet U's Ye Huang using the CARBEC barrel, in the YouTube video above.


Ye Huang is playing on a Backun Model F clarinet, Legère #4 European Cut synthetic reed, Silverstein Hexa ligature, and Gleichweit #8 mouthpiece. He is a clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, and composer living in the USA.

From Italy: Interview and sound test by Francesco Berini and CARBEC co-founder Antonio

(in Italian; sound test in the YouTube video at 7:23)

Francesco Berini, who owns one of the best clarinet and saxophone repair shops in Italy, interviews CARBEC cofounder Antonio Caneve.


Technical characteristics of the production and qualities of the unidirectional carbon fiber body are discussed in detail, and Antonio plays the barrel showcasing some of the benefits of playing a CARBEC.



From Spain: Detailed test and review, and sound comparison with Backun Lumière

(in Spanish; sound test in the YouTube video at 2:42)

Professional clarinetist Bartolomé García-Plata reviews the CARBEC barrel, with in-depth explanation of the characteristics of the barrel (in Spanish).


He also plays the barrel (with great skill!) and makes a direct comparison with the Backun Lumière. The feedback is extremely positive and we encourage to listen to the video yourselves.



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