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Carbec Primo

100% Fibra di Carbonio


Handmade in Italy

Il Carbec Primo รจ il non-plus-ultra. Realizzato per chi ricerca la perfezione. Realizzato al 100% in fibra di carbonio, con un processo sofisticato frutto di decenni di esperienza nel settore del carbonio

The Barrel 64mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock
The Barrel 65mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock
The Barrel 66mm NewCondition 190.00
In Stock

*PROMO launch price: 190 Euro or USD 260 with free shipping towards Europe and the USA*

Our barrel for Bb and A clarinets, in the revolutionary unidirectional carbon fiber, combining the best qualities of premium woods with those of carbon fiber. Superior projection, stability, precision, sound volume and a wonderful timbre.

Fits French-bore A and Bb clarinets by Buffet, Selmer, Backun and Yamaha (excluding CSG).

Premium box included. 5 year warranty.

For our USA customers: you can purchase the barrel by sending a Paypal payment directly to, USD 260 all inclusive, with free UPS Expedited shipping. No additional taxes or fees are due.

Non-USA customers can purchase by adding the product to the cart and choosing the preferred payment method. Free shipping included.

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